It's about... talking

Even with those who are closest to you, it can be difficult to find the courage, words and opportunity to express how you really feel.

Finally admitting to someone else that you have real problems can seem overwhelming and fraught with risk of rejection.

You may be feeling vulnerable, needy, hopeless, disappointed, lonely, angry, frightened, frustrated, unfaithful or unsuccessful.

"In the first appointment, it was like a dam bursting, lots spilled out. Over the next few months I went once a week, an hour of my time. And during this time I made some steps. I told someone else – two people at first. My mate in work and my boss/mate. I spoke about this with the man (I actually never quite got his job title, and though his name was Colin to those I told he was 'the man/fella I speak to') and I remember telling him of the relief. I was able to tell people and it didn't feel bad. It even helped. There was a release of pressure from inside my head." (male client [1])

[1] Me-ntal health: Talk to someone