It's about... being listened to

As a person-centred counsellor[2], I believe every individual has the capacity to tap into his, her or their own inner resources for self-understanding and growth: That offered a conducive therapeutic environment, clients begin to think differently about the way they see themselves, the way they behave and ultimately the sense of meaning and fulfilment they find in their lives.

If you choose to work with me as your counsellor, I'll sit with you in your turmoil, in your fear, in your hopes and in your dreams. You will not be alone with stirred-up thoughts and feelings that may be intense and unsettling. I'll listen to you without judgement and with great care, so that I can understand how you are feeling.

You will chose what you want to talk about. I won't offer advice or tell you what to do. I won't even claim to have the answers. But I will be by your side, as an equal, and respectfully challenge you where I think it might help.

Although you should be aware that counselling is not a cure-all, I know it can make all the difference. I believe that by working together we can begin to unravel the issues that have brought you to this website.

My ultimate aim is to help you to rediscover your sense of direction and move forwards with your life.

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